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Version 1.8 | HUB 2.0


Creative plots, 64L x 64W. Claim a plot, build, socialize, spawn pets, create elevators, create player heads, make pwarps, use worldedit, and so much more!!!

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Is Surviving against the enviornment hard enough? With PVP Disabled and keep-Inventory on, you can focus on the more important things that MineCraft has to offer.

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Don't like the updated version of Factions? Well we have the old one, so come on and play PVPCity!! Explore an abandoned city, complete with underground sewer systems and Giants.

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Our skyisland server, complete with a basic skywars arena, and other minigames.

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Our 1.7.10 modded server based off orespawn, custom launcher included for easy installation

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