To connect to this server do the following:

 Join - Then once online walk through the Creative Portal.

Creative ShowCase


Surprisingly my most popular server, Plotme, was not my first server, PVPCity was. While working on PVPCity, I decided that I wanted to have other worlds, each with a separate type of gameplay. I knew that one of them was going to be a creative world. This was not because it was my favorite gamemode, but more because I saw it as a necessary part of Minecraft. What I did not expect, was for it to be as popular as it is now. My goal of separating gamemodes, into different worlds, was quickly cut short after I began to see how hard it was to get plugins to only do there thing, in specific worlds. I found that with most plugins built in multiworld support was non-existent, making my selecting of plugins very limited. I then began to look for a way to run entire plugins in specific worlds, which I know now is impossible. That's when I discovered bungeecord, which allowed me to run and connect multiple servers together. I began to notice that most players, which of course was like 5-6 people, were always on the plot server. Ever since then Plotme has been a hit, and it is now my most maintained and developed server on the network.


Plotme has now become a big hit, probably because of the all the access you get, to cool and exciting features. The servers were not created in the interest of making money, nor did I think money would ever be a concern. One of the main reasons for this, is that we host everything ourselves, or atleast we used to. Currently 90% of the network is privately hosted by us, and to keep things safe we have ddos filtering at the entrance of our network.

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